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—Audio/Visual Systems —

The principal function of the audio/visual (A/V) systems team is to facilitate the clear communication of the message of God’s truth without distraction. Even as their ministry is carried out behind-the-scenes, team members understand that their responsibility is to ensure that the Holy Spirit’s message proceeds purely and unhindered.

In order to ensure that the congregation has a comfortable sound experience, the A/V systems team is charged with maintaining the reliability of our church audio equipment, including the proper functionality of the microphones, speakers, amplifiers, etc. Using audiotapes, they are responsible for recording the Message from the Word, as well as playing accompaniment tapes and CDs with the aid of audio equipment during services.  Furthermore, they maintain a master library with sermon archives for purposes of duplication.

The A/V systems team also effects the use of an assortment of media and audio/video sources, for example LCD projectors, VCRs, DVD players, TV monitors, video screen, notebooks and portable speakers, in order to assist other ministries during special services and programs.

The A/V systems team endeavors to use the many diverse outlets available to connect with the hearts and minds of our congregation, allowing the Lord to use even the technical aspects of our worship for His honor and glory.

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