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— Board of Deacons —

 Andrew Richards; Albert Williams.
The Board of Deacons at Willingboro Christian Assembly is charged with inspiring faithful stewardship in the members of our congregation.  They are called to be merciful and compassionate as they worship God with offerings of time and ability, ministering to rich and poor alike, within and beyond our community of faith.  Under the leadership of our Pastors, their main objective is to support the ministries at WCA, recognizing, cultivating and performing specific ministerial duties as a vehicle to address needs of the congregation and our community. The function of the deacons is three-fold:


(1)    Care Coordination

It is the duty of the Board of Deacons to minister to those who are in need: the sick, the friendless and anyone who may be in distress. It is their goal to offer hope and encouragement, as well as provide a variety of resources that will implement a life change that honors God. They desire to offer support and guidance to the members of our congregation, as well as those in our community, who are facing life crises and daily challenges with the understanding that very often, extraordinary circumstances occasionally create specific financial needs.  

(2)    Facilities Management

The Board of Deacons recognizes that the stewardship of the church building and equipment, policies and procedures, and creative facilities planning are crucial to every ministries of our church. Therefore, it is their express desire to exercise good stewardship with the property and building that God has entrusted to the body of believers at Willingboro Christian Assembly. 

The Deacons supervise the efficient, timely, effective maintenance and repair of the church facilities and grounds. They also work in partnership with the Beautification Committee and supervise contractors in maintenance of our church home for worship, fellowship and service.

 (3)   Finance & Budgeting

The Board of Deacons is also responsible for establishing and maintaining Willingboro Christian Assembly’s budget. They are also charged with implementing systematic procedures for receiving monies, regulating the accurate calculation and deposit of all monies collected, properly documenting monies received. The Deacons desire to exercise good stewardship by consistently employing the use of standard operating procedures in any appropriation, purchase, and distribution using church funds. 

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