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— The Pastoral Staff —

At Willingboro Christian Assembly, the Pastoral Staff consists of three  Pastors and three Deacons.  We continue to pray and seek the Lord’s leading in blessing us with a Senior Pastor. 

The WCA Pastoral Staff believes the Bible to be the inspired Word of God. They believe that Jesus is the only Savior and that only He is able to satisfy the need of the complete man: spirit, soul, and body.  They believe that salvation is only attained through the blood of Jesus Christ and that He will return for His elect someday.  They also believe that every believer is called to live a life of holiness and that there is a need in the life of every believer for the fullness of the Holy Spirit to both empower and guide us into effective service for the Master. 

To see a more detailed view of each Pastor and to learn more about the role of our Deacons, please drop down the “nested menu” under “Our Pastoral Staff”. 


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