Willingboro Christian Assembly - Taking the Gospel to the World

— Our Ministries —

Here at Willingboro Christian Assembly, we believe that as followers of Jesus Christ, we must join together as a congregation to do the work that Jesus commissioned the church to do. We believe that our ministries are organized in such a way to best allow the church to function and fulfill its purpose.

With this in mind, our ministries are structured so that we cover every direction of service:

(1)     Down-Reach: God reaching down from heaven’s glory and communicating with His Church through his Living Word and the Holy Spirit through prayer meetings and Christian education;
(2)     Up-Reach: we experience fellowship and divine worship with the Savior by discovering that at the core of true worship there lies a fearful and wonderful encounter with Christ, the King;

(3)     Out-Reach: we extend ourselves and our services to those outside our congregation through missions and evangelism; and

(4)     In-Reach: we minister to our congregants by engaging in worship services that will promote fellowship and spiritual nurturing among the saints, thereby equipping them for ministry.
Come and join us and see where your interest for Christian service lies.

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